Our Approach

To create solutions that leverage business opportunities, address critical business challenges, and realise targeted business benefits, the different inavit iQ companies follows a unique approach based on the following logic:

  • The realisation of specific business benefits (such as operating profit, top-line revenue and market share)
  • are dependent on the creation of customer delight (loyal and satisfied customers)
  • which is a direct result of the delivery of value added products / services
  • by high performing people
  • who work in an fit-for-purpose work environment (organisation capacity with respect to business process, organisation structure, human capital, information flow and technology),
  • who are led and managed by capable, competent and credible leadership
  • towards a common goal and strategy
  • that address the dynamics of the competitive landscape in an innovate manner that builds the business brand and reputation.

Business Value Model ™

The Business Value Model allows us to, throughout solution design, focus on the key levers that will impact positively on business value add. Our aim is therefore to create sustainable business solutions that leverage business opportunities and address critical business challenges in a value adding way to realise targeted business benefits. inavit iQ learning provides solutions predominantly in the areas of People Performance and Leadership and Culture.


In order to focus on the key levers in People and Leadership development we utilise our learning and development landscape (below) as guiding framework.



In our view Learning and Development excellence is a
combination of 4 building blocks:


• Learning Philosophy and Strategy

• Architecture and Value Chain

• Design, Delivery and Governance

• Measurement and Benefit Realisation.

What We Do

The solutions we specialise in are aligned with the Learning and Development Landscape as described above. The picture on the side provides a visual representation of these solutions and products.







What We Offer

In addition to the products and solutions mentioned above we also offer a number of formal and informal development programmes as indicated in the picture below. To ensure that real learning takes place and endures, we emphasise and encourage an integrated approach by combining both the formal and informal elements of learning. We also believe that the most effective way to learn and develop a new competence is to apply and practice it on the job and in real life situations. Elements to a successful learning process include both the 70/20/ 10 formula and how individuals internalise and apply what they've learned.

  • 70% from real life and on-the-job experiences, tasks and problem solving. This is the most important aspect of any learning and development plan.
  • 20% from feedback and from observing and working with role models.
  • 10% from formal development.


Our active-learning process that participants are engaged in makes the knowledge acquired more relevant to the way we learn and work. We call this learning method LRAG — Learn, Relate, Apply, Grow.


Our active-learning approach are further complemented by:

  • A pre-assessment to determine the current business challenges faced by the participants,
  • Pre- assessment competence assessment;
  • Briefing of the participant’s direct report line (what can I expect after the intervention?);
  • On-the-job applications tools (where appropriate); and
  • Post learning intervention report with the reaction of participants as well as recommendations to enhance the learning process.

Business Action Learning & Simulations

Business action learning is an experiential learning process that contributes to development primarily by providing an opportunity to: (a) practice generating questions that lead to insight, understanding, and innovation, (b) engage in self-reflection, self-monitoring, and self-directed efforts to learn about one-self and enhance contributions to the team and the problem solving process.

Business performance, relationships and customer orientation

In the current global economic environment where change is constant strategy, growth and innovation are required to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Strategy starts with a conscious decision to pursue a specific competitive business strategy. Business engages in strategic thinking, strategy formulation and innovation to ensure sustainable competitive advantage by making the appropriate decisions based on environmental conditions and opportunities. Innovation, which will always form part of such competitive strategy, has to do with commercialising opportunities, improving and doing things in different ways. Part of what inavit iQ learning is offering is the necessary development interventions to build employee capacity to think and do differently.

Leadership Development

We follow a blended approach towards leadership development focusing on both the formal and informal content. Our integrated leadership development approach caters for:

  • Leadership development across all levels within the organisation;
  • Leadership development that focuses on development within a specific role, but also on the implications thereof both horizontally and vertical throughout the organisation;
  • Leadership development that focuses on the individual as well as the collective leadership community;
  • Leadership development that caters for both leadership strengths and possible development approach
  • Women in Leadership; and
  • Leadership transition development.

HRBP Development

Our Human Resources Professional Development programmes will result in a professional that assists decision makers in defining key organisation improvement opportunities and that craft and implement people centred business solutions.

Vocational Development

We offer a range of credit bearing programmes in the areas of agriculture, health and safety, supply chain and project management.

Programme Catalogue

We constantly update our programmes to ensure we constantly deliver solutions that will add business value. Please contact us directly for a copy of our catalogue. 

What We Promise

The solutions we specialise in are aligned with the approach described above, and aim to leverage business opportunities and address critical challenges in a value adding way to realise sustainable business benefits.

how we work

How We Work

In working with our clients, we follow a phased process, collaborating closely with them to design and implement smart and sustainable solutions that realise business benefits.