This page contains a library of articles published across all inavit iQ companies.

2016 Articles

The Future Proof Organisation

In this article the authors explore what it means to future proof your organisation. They summarised current research and the feedback received from senior and executive leadership on what they regard as the characteristics of a “future proof” organisation. The Business Value Model (BVM) is utilised as conversation framework to unpack this research.

Future Proofing the Organisation

Building Leadership Capacity in the Face of Volatility

In this article we discuss the impact of volatility, the implications thereof on leadership and how to build leadership capacity to deal more effectively with these implications.

Building Leadership Capacity

Flag-spotting with Clem Sunter

Scenario Strategist: The World and South Africa beyond 2016 – The latest flags, scenarios and probabilities

Clem Sunter_Flag watching

Creating Talent Agility

In this article we discuss the theme talent agility and unpack its definition, consider outdated employment models, look at the emergence of the open workforce, define the talent agility gap, how to assess the talent agility gap and conclude with considerations to bridge the talent agility gap.

Creating Talent Agility