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Rethink how we measure the impact of learning

The purpose with the measurement of learning impact broadly has two points of departure. On the one hand there is the approach that attempts to determine to what degree development processes and programs have some demonstrable “value”. The typical and well known approaches of Kirkpatrick and Philips are examples of this approach, both of which […]

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Learning Governance

Informally defined the Governance refers to ensuring that the right people do the right things in the right way at the right time with the right autonomy with respect to Learning and Development in the organisation. More formally defined, governance entails ensuring and enabling the company to conduct its Leadership Development business in an ethical, […]

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An Integrated Approach to Leadership Development


“We need leaders and not just political leaders. We need leaders in every field, in every institution, in all kinds of situations. We need to be educating our young people to be leaders. And unfortunately, that’s fallen out of fashion.”— American historian David McCullough

“I have known talented people who procrastinate indefinitely rather than risk failure.” […]

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Views on Social Learning

Social learning solutions can strongly support formal learning structures by accelerating change and innovation and building a knowledge-sharing culture within an organisation. It is not about Twitter-like status updates or the dumping of content on a learning portal. Social learning is not social media and using social media doesn’t make learning “social”. Social learning is […]

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Why is Leadership Development Important?

Our own research which has also been confirmed by other similar research conducted confirms that the quality of an organisation’s leadership community has a direct impact on the level of employee engagement and actual financial results. The quality of the leadership community correlates directly with the capability and competence of leaders – and competence is […]

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Rethink Learning and Development


Over the last two to three years there has been huge debate about the success of leadership and especially leadership development. In a 2012 survey by the National Leadership Index (NLI), released by the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School and Merriman River Group, 77% of respondents said the United States now has […]

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The Future of Leadership Development

“To expand leadership capacity, organisations must not only develop the leadership capacities of individuals but also develop the leadership capacity of collectives”
—Ellen Van Velsor & Cynthia McCauley

It is becoming clearer that the new leadership paradigm differs markedly from what was traditionally viewed as leadership or management. The traditional approach stated, that to be effective, management […]

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3-D Leadership

In the dynamic world leaders find themselves in, Transactional, Transformational, and Transcendental leadership (referred to under The Work of Leadership) is appropriate at all levels of work. This “3- Dimensional” approach incorporates the managerial, leadership and spiritual elements of leadership. With this in mind, the following diagram illustrates an alternative view on leadership, which we […]

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Challenges, Trends and Priorities for Talent Management in 2014

“Some business leaders think they can live without top talent. Others believe talent management is important, but they do not see it as important as finance or technology. Finally, many executives are unable to see the relationship between talent issues and the business strategy of their organisation. Many executives do not have a background in […]

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The Triad of Work

The triad of work as developed by Gillian Stamp is in our view still one of the simplest ways to explain the essence of leadership in organisations, as it addresses both the work and nature of leadership. At the same time, it allows for enormous depth in conversations with leaders at all levels of work. […]

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