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To attend or send delegates to one of our scheduled ‘public’ interventions where delegates from different companies attend, please choose from the options below.

women in leadership

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    Programme 1/ Intake 1

    • Module 1     –    21 and 22 June 2016
    • Module 2     –    5 and 6 July 2016
    • Module 3     –    20 and 21 July 2016


    Programme 2/ Intake 2

    • Module 1     –    12 and 13 July 2016
    • Module 2     –     26 and 27 July 2016
    • Module 3     –     9 and 10 August 2016


    This all inclusive cost of R 31 400 (VAT inclusive) per delegate includes:

    • Facilitation
    • Virtual platform access for 3 months
    • Team coaching
    • Electronic learning material on android tablet


The forgotten principles of Planning, Organising and Control

  • Many organisation find themselves in a situation where people struggle to plan their work properly. Big projects seem to be overwhelming, leaving employees with a sense of not knowing where to start. The programme combines project management methodology with the management science of Fayol. It equips participants with the necessary skills to plan work/ projects, teaches them how to get more organised and explores basic control mechanisms to track progress. 


  • Create awareness and to build the knowledge, skills and correct attitude to allow you to bounce back from setbacks and difficulties in your life. 

The Leader as Coach

  • Coaching is a very successful method in improving business performance. This usually forms part of a leader’s responsibility. But leaders often do not know how to coach or what kind of activities to use in coaching others. Equip line managers with the necessary know-how (skills and tools) to coach their own employees in order to improve business performance. All participants will receive our Coaching Guide that includes coaching activities.


  • Complexity is a fact of organisational life. Most problems business leaders face have so many contributing factors, implications and consequences, that applying one-dimensional solutions only creates a whole new set of difficulties. Systems Thinking is a powerful, multidimensional-thinking skill set that can help leaders identify and remedy chronic, complex problems — by understanding not only the full extent of what the problem is, but why it is happening..