The 4 Pillar Learning and Development Diagnostic is a free tool that will provide you with insights (and benchmarks) on the current state of learning and development practices within your organisation. Please use the link below to complete the survey. Your results will be emailed to you.



What it measures

The 4 Pillars measures learning and development in terms of:

4 pillars

Philosophy and Strategy

The Learning Philosophy answers the questions on how we think about learning and how it will add value. It also addresses the question of the purpose and the role of the Learning and Development Department or unit within the organisation. The Strategy indicates how business problems or opportunities will be addressed.


Architecture, Value Chain and Governance

Learning architecture translates the learning philosophy and strategy into the physical operating model of the unit within the organisation responsible for learning and development. The architecture also ensures that development and capacity building are aligned to other processes within the sphere of Human Capital, e.g. talent management. Governance is a systematic approach to management that enables the learning function to achieve strategic and operational objectives. It is about the processes, methods and relationships that control and direct the learning function.

Design and Delivery

Answers questions concerning learning culture, learning experience, learning design and learning delivery.

Business Benefits

This is about:

  • Are we doing the right things?
  • Are we doing them the right way?
  • Are we getting them done well?
  • Are we getting the intended benefits?