The training material presented was not the standard run of the mill, this was good, very good and for the first time it was aimed at us, as individuals, evaluating ourselves. I sat in the training thinking that this is really what is needed for to grow, above changing, but ultimately to grow.– Edcon.

“I can already see that some of the younger leaders are already starting to understand the difficulty of leadership and make some positive on the future of the company. I am an optimist and believe that all here is able to make a difference in Pioneer and the program already starting to challenge our way of thinking. The trigger is what starts you into action and by pocking people this has worked in my view and this is to think out of the box.– PioneerFoods Group.

“I think it was an excellent session. Never got bored. Excellent facilitator, was able to bring in additional context as the need arose. Very informative! Will definitely recommend more employers to attend this course. Was also fun! Exercises were relevant- very interactive.– Cross Roads.

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